Monday, June 21, 2010

No Fail French Bread

I got this recipe from our good friends Will and Hayley. It really is No Fail! I love how quick and easy it is. I love that it only takes an hour and a half from start to finish. It is my go to bread when I start dinner at 4 pm and need yummy, fresh bread to go with it. It also makes great french toast, sandwiches, and rolls for things like pulled pork! Did I already say this is my go to bread for everything? Well, it is!

No Fail French Bread

In a large bowl mix:

2 cups very hot water

2 T sugar

1 T salt

1/3 cup oil

In a small bowl mix:

½ c warm water

1 T sugar

2 T yeast

Add 3 cups flour to large bowl and mix well. Add small bowl and 3 more cups flour. Mix until smooth. Knead every 10 minutes for 1 hour. Divide and shape into loaves. (You don't need to let it rise again!) Bake at 350’ for 35 minutes.

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  1. I can't wait to try this recipe! I love any and every kind of bread! I have a question though. It says you don't need to let it rise again? I looked at the recipe and couldn't find where it says to let it rise? Is it no rise? thanks for your help!

  2. Kneading it every 10 minutes for 1 hour is all the rising and resting it needs. That is what makes this bread so great! Hope this helps!

  3. How funny, I had no idea you used it that much. I can't remember the last time I made it. I better get to it:)

  4. You, and this recipe, inspired me to make bread for the first time ever! It turned out wonderfully! Since we found your blog, my friends and I have put it to good use, and everything has been delicious! Thank you!

  5. Laura, bread can always be intimidating but it really doesn't have to be hard, scary or complicated. I am so glad you tried it and that you found my blog! Happy Baking!

  6. This may sound dumb, but I'm dying to go make this right now, bu I just want to make sure

    What kind of yeast?
    What kind of flour?

  7. A friend of mine made this last night. I am always looking for fast bread recipes. I'm going to have to try this one! Looks wonderful!

  8. I made this bread tonight, I actually just put it in the oven. What I am wondering is the dough super sticky? At least that is how mine turned out.

  9. About a year ago I realized I had no excuse to not make my own bread as a mom at home. But I never found a consistent recipe and eventually stopped. Emily told me about yours and I've been doing it for two weeks now. It's so easy and delicious and keeps on the counter so nice and moist for days! Emily and I both make it now and Rebecca, Bethany & Pam have all tried it this past week too. Thanks Kadie!
    -Gentry (Oates) Beidler

  10. After my sisters encouragement to try this recipe I decided to give it a go...reluctantly I must say, as I've made my 'moms' bread for the past 14 years. The fact that there's no eggs or butter in this recipe made me want to try it as well. I made a few adjustments and must tell you, I don't buy bread...ever. It's simple. It's moist. It keeps on the counter and gets us through a week of sack lunches. Thanks for sharing!
    Some adjustments I made were using half whole wheat flour, half unbleached flour. I've also used 2 C. whole wheat flour, 1 C. oats pulsed in my food processor, 3 C. unbleached flour. I also replace the sugar with honey. It comes out beutifully every time. I'm enjoying your blog and think I'll try the brownies with brown butter frosting next. My kids will love me forever for it!
    Kaitlin (Oates) Peoples

  11. I made this recipe this evening and I have a few questions before I make it again.

    How do you form your bread loaves? Do you use a french loaf pan? Do you just lay them flat on a cookie sheet? Do you do the french letter fold? What do you do?

    How long do you knead each 10 minutes for the hour? Do you do this by hand or with your mixer?

    My first attempt at this tasted wonderful, but my loaves ended up being roundish and flat instead of skinny and tall like a french loaf (like your photo above)

    I really want this recipe to work because it was so easy!
    Let me know!

    Johanna :)

  12. To shape the loaves, I just use may hands, nothing special. Like making a "snake". I just place them side by side on a cookie sheet. If they are turning out flat you might need more flour? I have used a machine and my hands to knead it both seem to work equally as well. I only knead for a minute or so, not long at all! My sister even said that she has forgotten to knead and the bread still worked. Hope this helps! Happy baking!

  13. This bread looks great when you slash the loaves and brush with beaten egg white. I've never made it by separating 1 T of sugar out to proof with the yeast and water--it all just goes in the big bowl. It is such a forgiving recipe. I've been making it for years and am glad to find this post so I can just point people to the recipe this way for now on! If you use a Kitchen Aid mixture it is even easier, just turn it on a couple of times after each rise. Thanks for posting!

  14. Is the liquid to flour ratio correct? My dough looks like soup. What am I missing?

  15. Tried this recipe tonight and the end result was a huge success! Thanks for sharing!


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